Voluntary insurance plays an important role in employee benefit packages, helping companies balance employee needs. Used as a complete employee-paid package or in conjunction with existing employer-paid benefits, voluntary insurance helps employers maintain a competitive benefits program. The value for employees is found when purchasing products at affordable group rates.

Term Life
Designed to work hand-in-hand with Group Life insurance products, Voluntary Term Life gives employees the option to purchase additional amounts of life insurance at affordable group rates.

Offers up to $300,000 of term life insurance for employees and their spouses.

  • Spouse benefit available up to $300,000.
  • $5,000 and $10,000 Dependent children coverage available.
  • Accidental death & dismemberment benefit - $10,000 - $300,000
  • Guaranteed issue available for groups of 6 or more with at least 25% participation.
  • Two lives minimum participation.
  • Portable from job to job.

Voluntary Short Term Disability
Voluntary Short Term Disability (VSTD)allows an employee to select short term disability benefits that protect their ability to earn an income in the event they suffer an illness or off-the-job accidental injury. If an employee loses the ability to earn a paycheck, VSTD will give them the peace of mind that they will be able to continue making payments on a home and give their family financial stability and is available to individuals whose employer has sponsored the plan and has provided for premium payments to be made through payroll deduction. A group contract is issued to the sponsoring employer.

Income replacement coverage provides up to 70 percent of pay for up to 52 weeks due to sickness or injury.

  • Benefits available down to five approved applications or 15% of eligible employees, whichever is greater.
  • Guarantee Issue – no underwriting required.
  • Pre-Existing Limitation 12/12 (Treatment 12 months prior to the effective date will not be covered for 12 months after the effective date.)
  • Elimination periods: 1st day accident and 8th day sickness or 8th day accident and 8th day sickness or 15th day accident and 15th day sickness.
  • Benefit periods available: 13, 26 or 52 weeks.

Long Term Disability
If an employee became disabled, how would they pay the bills and support their family? Long Term Disability (LTD) insurance can help. LTD coverage usually begins where the short term insurance policy leaves off, replacing a portion of salary if the insured becomes disabled. It can be paid entirely by the employer, by employees or the cost can be shared.

Income replacement coverage provides up to 66-2/3 percent of pay until age 65 due to illness or injury for extended periods of time.

  • Three benefit plan options available.
  • Benefits available down to 10 lives.
  • Pre-Existing Limitation 12/6/24 (Benefits will not be paid for treatment received 12 months prior to the effective date. Does not apply to conditions occurring more than 24 months after the effective date or treatment free for 6 months after the effective date.)
  • 90, 180 & 360 day elimination periods available.
  • Guaranteed issue – no underwriting required.

Limited Medical Benefit Plans*
Select Benefits enables employers to offer inexpensive, basic health and life benefits to employees in order to encourage routine physician visits. Benefits can be offered to full-time, part-time, hourly and seasonal workers. No employer contribution required. Employer must have 5 full-time W-2 employees on payroll in order to offer the coverage, with a minimum of 5 or 10% of eligible employees enrolled.
*Indemnity Based, Not Group Health Coverage

GAP Plans
Symetra's Select Benefits GAP plans offer a lower-cost supplement to traditional comprehensive major medical insurance. They provide first dollar, fixed benefits for basic health care expenses making them a valuable supplement to major medical insurance.

Select Benefits offers a solution to the problems of providing an affordable benefit program. Consider that the current national average monthly premium for full health coverage is $420.75 single and $1,147.50 family (Source: Kaiser Family Foundation's Employer Health Benefits Survey 2010). The combined monthly rates for Select Benefits and a high deductible major medical plan make an affordable alternative to traditional major medical coverage.

In addition, Select Benefits is accessible —Most employer health plans limit eligibility to full-time workers. Select Benefits allows multiple plans to be implemented, a GAP plan for those employees covered under major medical and a traditional limited medical plan which would allow inclusion of part-time, seasonal and temporary workers.

Select Benefits is guaranteed issue for all eligible employees—there are no medical questions or physical exams. The offer of an affordable and accessible insurance benefit plan like Select Benefits helps attract and retain employees. Select Benefits provides valuable limited insurance benefits for uninsured employees—people who pay some or all of their own health care bills.

Dental Care
Many studies have shown that overall health may be associated with good dental hygiene. Some employers cannot afford to offer a dental benefits plan, which can result in a financial burden for employees. A smart alternative is an employee-pay, dental benefit program. GIS has partnered with Companion Life Insurance to offer a program that fits employers’ financial strategies while providing a high degree of customer satisfaction and value to employees.

From preventive care to orthodontics - plans feature a $100 lifetime deductible and the freedom to visit any provider.

  • Minimum participation of two employees
  • Two benefit plans available:
    • Prime Plan 100% preventive/80% basic/50% major services; $1,200 Calendar Year Maximum.
    • Choice Plan 100% preventive/80% basic; $1,000 Calendar Year Maximum.
    • Optional Orthodontics coverage available.

GIS offers the flexibility to tailor a vision care plan to meet each client's specific requirements. Vision programs can be structured with an array of plan design entitlements, co-payment options and benefit coverage levels to ensure optimal cost-benefit results.

Long Term Care
Long term care needs can be devastating to employees, but they can affect employers as well. Consider: an employee who is dealing with long term care needs for a family member may experience increased absenteeism, lowered productivity and morale, and an inability to participate in needed business travel. As awareness of the impact of long term care on individuals and businesses has grown, long term care insurance has become one of the most rapidly growing employee benefits today.

Long Term Care Insurance pays for care not covered by Medicare, such as nursing home, assisted living facilities, or in-home health care, that’s incurred later in life or due to a disabling accident.